LA Times - Insolmnt uses VR and AR technology for education programs


Insolmnt uses VR and AR technology for education programs

Virtual reality and augmented reality can now be found easily in our lives, whether it be in games, the medical field, or in education. Virtual reality and augmented reality increase the user’s sense of immersion and helps them enjoy contents with ease. The benefits of VR and AR are highlighted within an educational setting. Children can learn tedious subjects through these programs, which provide games and exercises to help them absorb information with an entertainment factor.

“Education has not changed much over the past few hundred years,” says Marlinsingenberg, a science teacher at Greenford High School in London. He points out that students should have a learning experience outside of lectures. “Students must be immersed and actively involved, and we know it through experience.”

Even Gibson (1979) explains that cognitive activities are possible through complementary interaction of the various senses of sight, hearing, and feeling through human active inquiry. This immerses us in learning information by raising human perception through sensory-dependent expressions. Additionally, the 3D representation of augmented reality enhances understanding of phenomena that occur in physical space.

Korea’s Insolmnt is a professional developer of hologram-based virtual reality and augmented reality solutions. They have been developing apps and content related to VR and AR since 2011. Insolmnt develop education solutions through unrivaled content development and innovative technology; they curated the 3D Earth Zoo coloring series, a 3D hologram kit, AR fancy goods, and an AR experience solution kit.

As of now, people can experience these developments directly at the EXPO, a science museum and aquarium based in South Korea. Unlike general app-based AR, Insolmnt also provides a PC-based AR experience solution. The ability to create content that is app-based or PC-based is the overall strength of Insolmnt. In order to guarantee immersive education and childcare opportunities, the company is also supplying education parcels of how to use their programs. Kim In-Chul of Insolmnt said, “We will continue to work with many companies in Korea as well as foreign companies in the future, and I want to make more people feel closer to the AR experience.”

insolmnt will show contents such as ‘aiai coloring’ and ‘aiai mirror’ in German gamescom from August 21 to 23.

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