“Edutainment” in VR/AR is the newest technology for children’s education
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Nowadays, the interest in VR/AR experience, which is the core technology of the 4th Industrial Revolution, is increasing steadily. Virtual Reality (VR) is a device and technology that helps users to fully experience the world of virtual reality. Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that shows additional images or information by utilizing position and tilt information in reality.


Korean company Insolmnt maximizes technology-centered core competencies under the vision of being a company with customers and provide differentiated services with honest technology. Based on VR/AR technology, which is one of the key industrial industries of the 4th industrial revolution, it continues to develop and supply experiential game education and structured curriculum contents beyond simple play.


‘Aiai’ is an edutainment (education-entertainment) brand that develops programs that combine core technology and educational contents of the 4th industrial revolution. Since 2011, we have been continuously developing technologies to have VR, AR, mixed reality, holograms, and various sensor technologies. Through VR/AR-based coloring experience contents, a picture drawn by children is displayed in the screen world by scanning the pictures drawn by the children with the scanner. You can make your own drawings by using colored pencils. You can experience an ordinary image that is created as a new stereoscopic image.

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When children move themselves, it is an interactive experience content that expresses various light, sound, and image by recognizing movement using motion sensor on the floor of the room. When children throw a ball on a wall screen and strike the screen, a variety of images are provided so that a large number of children can enjoy the contents at the same time, thus forming a bond.


In addition, by using the camera and sensor technology, children are able to recognize their movements with the interactive contents of the augmented reality appearing on the screen, and they can transform into the body or face of an animal or an entertainer. By recognizing the touch of children’s hands, you can use them as interesting game contents that change the image of the wall screen variously, so that you can make the children’s sensitivity by making the digital wall painting you want.


It is possible to create a natural environment, such as mountains and rivers, by accumulating sand based on augmented reality, which is then grafted with 3D distance sensors in the sand and can make natural phenomena such as rain and snow with hand gestures, so that it can fully demonstrate analog sensibility and imagination. In addition to this, there is interactive experience contents which improves cognitive ability by spreading imaginary niras on a funny and interesting slide and table.


An InsolM&T inc, official said, “We will continue to cooperate with many foreign companies in the future, so that we can make the world come closer to pleasure and happiness together with VR/AR experience.”

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