InsolM&T inc, registered a patent for augmented reality experience hologram HMD
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InsolM&T inc, a company specializing in augmented reality solutions, is related to'Development of Augmented Reality Experience Smart Contents through Holographic HMD Development' through the Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency (DIP)'s smart content production support project (leading production support). It announced on the 20th that it has completed the patent registration of'How to output a video of a three-dimensional object applied with colored colors and how to experience learning using it.' This is a technology that shows augmented reality content using a smartphone camera. When an experiencer paints a picture with color, it makes the picture appear alive through augmented reality. In particular, in the case of InsolM&T inc.'s content, the image as it was painted by the experiencer is realized in holograms and 3D cubes and appears in the virtual aquarium. In addition, an introduction to the animal is explained with the voice of a voice actor.


Augmented Reality Coloring The strength is that you can enjoy coloring studies that combine augmented reality and virtual reality technology anytime, anywhere with only paper, a smartphone, and a dedicated application. In addition, InsolM&T inc,possesses augmented reality block toys, augmented reality notebooks, and augmented reality coloring studies, and other teaching tools that can give good stimulation to the brain while the child is doing activities by hand. The technology was recognized by participating in the last Seoul Early Childhood Education Fair, Gwangju ACE Fair, and Daegu Baby Fair. In the future, InsolM&T inc,will accelerate the development of HMD and expand its technology to experience-based solutions.